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Praia Dos Amores 
AÑO 1996

After some local study, and taking like base the growth of Camboriu, we decide the construction of this Complex in front of the sea.
The construction you development during 16 months, and you achievement the objective planned by our company.
This video shows the complete development and the kindness of the orientation and the chosen place.

Quickly I take the prospective peak. Authenticating the previous study to the project.
The local politicals , Helps a lot to the local tourist development, and they developed the growth of the project in their short period of existence.

The development of the conceived proyect, was taking into account their location in front of the sea, but not neglecting any aspect.
Prioritizing the exploitation during the whole years
From that case it is justifiable the quantity of spaces developed. The variety of living rooms that you/they would complete the planned functions: SUM, Restaurant, Disk, Playroom, etc.

From a principle, it has given the prospective yield, and I fill the expectations so much tourist, as materials.


Green Village

Praia Dos Amores

San Bernardo Stadium

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