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De Bari Group


Our signature is a company with more than 28 years offering architecture services and engineering, carrying out project, construction and gerenciamiento of all type of civil and industrial works, as well as architecture services.All the companies of the Group have been created on two fundamental pillars: intellectual capital and their architects' experience and engineers, so much in the realization of projects as well as the construction of all type of civil, commercial and industrial works. In their

beginnings it was guided to small interventions like the design furniture, project of general architecture, interior design, reformations in hotels, design of local commercial, I project and remodeling of offices, reformations and remodelings of houses in country as well as housings, sanatoriums and buildings of horizontal property. But it takes, besides intervening in the project of median architecture it climbs, it begins the stage like manufacturer, carrying out remodelings, reformations, amplifications and constructions of civil, commercial and industrial new works, until arriving to the current stage, where due to the cumulative experience it is possible to develop the construction of works key in hand
We center our today activities in 5 units of business:
I compute, presupposed and Planning of works for third
Architecture project and engineering
You work key in hand
In summary today like architecture study and so much company manufacturer of hotels, offices, buildings, local commercial, you plant industrial, housings, we plan and we guarantee the realization of the works in time and quality. Today we possess the capacity in the market of the construction to satisfy client's necessities reducing the risk to the client.
The span of the realized works added to a long trajectory is the best guarantee with which it counts the company.


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