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Intentions and Objectives:

The DE BARI Foundation, must like object promote the education in all its levels, in special the tertiary levels, stimulating the access of the students of smaller resources to the enter the universities, through the implementation of scholarships, and all the methods of support, so that the interested ones withdraw with the best averages, of all the universities of the country. The Foundation, is committed to publish, to print and to distribute, in case or by means of the third works that the students benefitted with the service of scholarships produce and that they have like objective to encourage to the new generations to that they develop his intellectual capacities. The Foundation not only was limited to benefit to the students with monetary scholarships, but with all the infrastructure of position of a guardian, that will allow, once finalized the race, the young professional can be developed in the country, with no need to emigrate towards other countries, with spending power superior, that benefit with the intellectual volume from the withdrawn one. Also, the graduated ones that need to follow their education pos degree, counted on the Foundation so that their qualification is constant and to obtain thus, an intellectual class, that derives in a source of social mobility, through the education.


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